Underwater Photography Modeling Workshop

Hosted by Kimber Greenwood & Haley Smith AKA Luna Marie

August 23-25, 2024
Gainesville, Florida, USA

Do you want to stand apart from virtually every other model out there? Have you considered underwater modeling? Whether you’re a new or experienced model the Underwater Photography Modeling Workshop can help you take your underwater modeling skills to the next level. Co-hosted by renowned underwater portrait photographer (and underwater portrait photography educator) Kimber Greenwood, and internationally acclaimed professional underwater model and mermaid, Luna Marie (Haley Smith) this three (3) day workshop will push your skills to new depths and help you grow as an experienced, professional underwater model.

Here's Why You Should Come!

  • You’ll learn everything from safety, increasing your breath hold, performing for photo vs video, posing, finding neutral buoyancy, underwater makeup/wig application and more that’ll build your knowledge and skills as an underwater model.
  • You’ll get pool practice times with gentle coaching and gopro footage to help you refine and tweak your underwater modeling skills.
  • You’ll gain experience by participating in an actual underwater shoot coached by Luna Marie and photographed by Kimber Greenwood. 
  • You’ll receive at least 2 fully edited images of their choice and a fine art print to add to your portfolio and showcase as an underwater model. 
  • You’ll get a swag Bag filled with awesome items you can use as an underwater model.
  • You’ll have to opportunity to experience modeling in one for Florida’s stunning Springs and become familiar with open-water environments and their quirks.
  • And you’ll be a part of a fun, kind community of people who work together and compliment each other as professionals on underwater gigs

Be Apart of the Wave of New and Exciting Modeling Gigs

As One of a Small Number of Professional Trained Underwater Models

Are You Ready to Join the Underwater Photography Modeling Workshop?

Here's What You'll Do!

August 23 – Breakfast at 8:30 AM at Water Bear Studios. 

  • Classroom education sessions in the morning.
  • Catered Lunch
  • Practice water skills in the pool in the afternoon.

August 24 – Let’s shoot professional images. Attendees will get to vote between several ideas and we’ll provide wardrobe (you’re welcome to supplement it though!). You’ll be coached by Haley and photographed by Kimber.

August 25 – 8:00 AM meet at Gilchrist Blue State Park. 

  • Open water practice and shooting from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM. 
  • Stick around and join us for a community day event with other photographers and models where you can practice your new modeling skills!
  • Florida Springs Institute (FSI) talk at 12:00 PM on conservation followed by an epic raffle where 100% of the proceeds goes to springs conservation.

Here's Who We Want There!

The ideal attendee is comfortable in the water. You do not have to be an Olympic level swimmer, but someone who can is ok with working in a 9’ pool and open water at the springs. Must be kind, encouraging, and have a team building mentality. Our only competition is who we were yesterday.

Here's What You Should Bring!

  • Any outfit or mermaid tail you would like to shoot in. We’ll provide costuming for the big shoot, but it can be supplemented.
  • Any waterproof makeup/wigs desired.
  • A computer or notebook to write with.
  • Towels
  • Changes of clothing
  • Reef-safe sunscreen/toiletries/etc.
  • $6 entry fee for the Springs.

Here's How to Join!

To complete your registration, please select the number of payments at the links below. Complete the registration form and submit. Once submitted, you will be registered! If you selected multiple payments, you will receive an email 2-days before each payment automatically processes. Payments will process each month from the date of your registration until all payments are completed. Please review the important information below if you need to make travel arrangements. 

Here's Some Stuff We Think You Should Know!

  • The Underwater Photography Modeling Workshop is hosted by Kimber Greenwood and based out of Water Bear Studios located at 330 NW 170th Street Newberry, Florida. Nearby airports include our local Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV, Flights available through Delta and American), as well as Jacksonville, (JAX), Orando (MCO), and Tampa (TPA), all of which are within two hours.
  • There are numerous hotels in Gainesville, at all exits, and are between a 10 and 20 minute drive to the studio. There are also many great options for AirBnBs around the area.
  • The workshop and shoots are taught with the use of Freediving techniques to capture images. SCUBA and other surface-supplied gas will not be a part of this event.
  • Due to weather, environmental, ownership, political, etc. conditions, some Springs may be closed or not suitable for modeling/photography and adjustments may need to be made. Any updates during the event will be relayed to participants at that time. In the event on area become not suitable for the event (i.e. flooding of the river Springs in North Florida), adjustments to the locations and areas may be required. We ask all participant to be flexible as we cannot control nature.

Our team is on standby to answer any other questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to Kimber (kimber@kimbergreenwood.com) or Will (will@kimbergreenwood.com) anytime.

Registrations Are Non-Refundable
Unless this event is cancelled by Kimber Greenwood, no refunds are available. You may apply any amount you’ve paid towards a future workshop or event, or you may try to sell your spot to another. All spot transfers must be approved by Kimber Greenwood before the exchange occurs. Once payments are made, no refunds are possible. We highly recommend you obtain trip insurance in the event of an emergency that requires you to not attend.

Registration is First Come, First Serve based on receipt of first payment
If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to register below! Once you register you will need to complete a medical waiver form. This form is due within 1 month of the workshop date. Your spot may be cancelled without refund if the form is not returned on-time.

You will be required to have a medical waiver completed. This form may require a doctor’s written approval to participate depending on the responses to the questions. If this form is not completed and returned to us at least 1 month before the workshop date, your spot will be forfeit without a refund.There are no refunds if you sign up and do not pass your medical. Medical forms can be found here. Not all potential participant will need a doctors signature so be sure to review the form carefully.

Here's Where You Register!

Single Payment - $1490 one time

Two Payments - $1490
($745 per month)

Four Payments - $1490
($372.70 bi-weekly)

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