Underwater Portrait Photography Workshop

September 21-23, 2024
Gainesville, Florida USA

$2390 (one payment)
$2490 (multiple payments)

Immerse yourself in this three day underwater portrait photography training workshop. The Water Workshop® with renowned underwater portrait photographer Kimber Greenwood will provide you with the knowledge and teach you the skills to confidently enter the world of underwater portrait photography. With a combination of classroom style education and hands-on in-water practice sessions, you will learn how to not only shoot professional images underwater, but also manage the safety and expectations of your clients and market to them.

Underwater portrait photography is rapidly increasing as a desirable photoshoot option for prospective clients. Mastering underwater photography will help you grow your studio’s experience and income while providing your clients with a unique and incredible experience. Learn how we’ve increased our studio’s income by $100,000 and our average client sale to $5,000 during this amazing three day workshop.

Do You Want to Give Your Clients Photos, or An Experience?

They Might Cherish the Photos…But They’ll Share an Amazing Experience

Are You Ready to Dive In?

Here's Why You Should Come!

  • You’ll learn about the gear needed to perform an underwater portrait shoot and how to use it.
  • You’ll be able to shoot a client underwater safely by being able to conduct a site assessment, safety briefings, having the right safety gear on-site and available, and use a safety swimmer.
  • You’ll get hands-on gear and lighting practice in the water in both a pool and natural Spring location.
  • You’ll learn how to coach a client into stunning underwater poses.
  • You’ll learn about the effects of light underwater and how to control and use the natural sunlight. 
  • You’ll follow along during a live editing session to pickup tips and tricks to show your clients incredible, jaw-dropping images!
  • You’ll get stunning images of professional models in several different sets to use in your portfolio for advertising and to attract your ideal clients.


Now Includes An Additional Pool Night Shoot &
Access to the Brand New Underwater Portrait Photography Safety 101 E-Course!

Add On The Florida Springs Portrait Photography Tour and Save!

Join us for the Springs Photography Tour immediately following The Water Workshop and use the new skills you’ve learned to capture stunning portfolio images! You’ll visit 6 different springs over this four day tour and photography 2 different models each day! Plus, on the last day we’ll have a unique set in our studio pool for you to shoot and end it with a cookout!

Regular Price: $1900, save $300 when you book both!

Discount is automatically applied when you add the Springs Tour onto your Workshop registration.

Here's What You'll Do!

Each day we will have breakfast ready at 8:45 AM and will begin the class by 9:00 AM. We will break for lunch around 12:00 PM and begin the water session around 1:00 PM. The ending time for each day will be open ended.  

For Monday, the optional springs day, we will be leaving the studio at 7:30 AM and get to the Springs by 8:00 AM. You have the option to meet us at the studio and caravan there or meet us there. Entry fee is $6 per vehicle. If you’ve never been to a Florida spring, it’s a really amazing place to visit! 


  • 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM – Breakfast 
  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Lectures 
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – In-Water Training 


  • 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM – Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Lectures 
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch 
  • 1:00 PM – Portfolio Shoot 

Monday (Spring TBD depending on conditions): 

  • 8:00 AM – 8:15 AM – Light Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM – Portfolio Shoot 
  • 12:00 PM – Wrap Up Lunch at a Local Restaurant (not included in your registration)

Mentoring Sessions (Optional $250 Add-On, 1 Hour): 

  • For those who have added on the private mentoring session, we will reach out to you personally to schedule for Monday afternoon at the studio/pool.

Here's Who We Want There!

The Water Workshop® is great for all levels of underwater portrait photographers. Whether you’re just jumping in, or a seasoned fish, The Water Workshop® has information, skills, and portfolio shoots for anyone open to learning and getting together with other amazing photographers from around the world.

Here's What You Should Bring!

Bring all your underwater photography gear you would like to use. Bring anything you’d bring with you to go to the pool. Bring a notebook and pen/pencil to take notes as well. Weight belts are mandatory, bring your belt and let us know how much weight you need. We have some weights but can grab more if needed. 

Detailed Packing List 

  • $6 cash for Spring fee. 
  • Underwater photography gear.  
  • Computer to transfer files and edit images. 
  • Notebook and pen or computer for notes. 
  • Diving Weight belt & Weights. 
  • Scuba/Snorkeling Mask. 
  • Towels. 
  • Several swimsuits and a wetsuit (3-5mm depending on your tolerance, the pool is heated, but springs are 70-72 F). 
  • Flip flops/water shoes.

We've been doing this for years, and everytime, it's awesome!

“This was hands down the BEST workshop I have ever attended…”

Here's How to Join!

To complete your registration, please select the number of payments at the links below. Complete the registration form and submit. Once submitted, you will be registered! If you selected multiple payments, you will receive an email 2-days before each payment automatically processes. Payments will process each month from the date of your registration until all payments are completed. Please review the important information below if you need to make travel arrangements. 

Here's Some Stuff We Think You Should Know!

  • The Water Workshop® will be hosted at Water Bear Studios located at 330 NW 170th St Newberry, Florida, just West of Gainesville, Florida. Nearby airports include our local Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV, Flights available through Delta and American), as well as Jacksonville, (JAX), Orando (MCO), and Tampa (TPA), all of which are within two hours.
  • There are numerous hotels near I-75 in Gainesville, at all exits, and are between a 10 and 20 minute drive to the studio. Gainesville and the surrounding areas also host many AirBnBs and other rentals.
  • The optional Springs shoot is not an official part of The Water Workshop® and therefore the images CAN be used to submit for competitions. The models and hosts from the workshop will be available to shoot at the Springs and to direct and assist.
  • All the portfolio shoots for this workshop are designed to be shot in natural light. We ask attendees to limit the use of strobes and other lighting equipment due to the constraints of the pool and number of people in the water.
  • The workshop is taught with the use of Freediving techniques to capture images. SCUBA and other surface-supplied gas will not be able to be accommodated at the pool.

Our team is on standby to answer any other questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to Kimber (kimber@kimbergreenwood.com) or Will (will@kimbergreenwood.com) anytime.

Registrations Are Non-Refundable
Unless this course is cancelled by Kimber Greenwood, no refunds are available for this course. You may apply any amount you’ve paid towards a future workshop or event, or you may try to sell your spot to another. All spot transfers must be approved by Kimber Greenwood before the exchange occurs. Once payments are made, no refunds are possible. We highly recommend you obtain trip insurance in the event of an emergency that requires you to not attend.

Registration is First Come, First Serve based on approval of applications AND receipt of first payment
If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to register below! Once you register you will need to complete a medical waiver form. This form is due within 1 month of the workshop date. Your spot may be cancelled without refund if the form is not returned on-time.

You will be required to have a medical waiver completed. This form may require a doctor’s written approval to participate depending on the responses to the questions. If this form is not completed and returned to us at least 1 month before the workshop date, your spot will be forfeit without a refund.There are no refunds if you sign up and do not pass your medical. Medical forms can be found here. Not all potential participant will need a doctors signature so be sure to review the form carefully.

Here's Where You Register!

Single Payment - $2390 one time

Two Payments - $2490
($1245 per month)

Three Payments - $2490
($830 per month)

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