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Summerana Academy is an online photography education platform. As a leader in the photography industry, Summerana is always looking to add new course content to their growing platform, so they recruited Kimber as one of their resident instructors. Being a global on-line education platform, Summerana needed a company capable of producing, filming, and editing the course content for their educators. Summerana did not have a team to travel so they asked KGM to produce the video courses in-house.

Creative Angle:

Summerana provided a topic for each course and the KGM team conceptualized, scripted, storyboarded, filmed, and edited each course. Each project required KGM to construct sets, acquire talent, and provide full-scale production from concept to delivery of each course. One of the challenges for KGM was to keep each course concept within budget and reproduceable for students who would view the courses.


– 5 online courses ranging from 20 to 60 minutes in length totaling over 225 minutes of video content.

– 30 second trailers for each course to be displayed across social media platforms.

– Photographs to accompany each course for advertising purposes.

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