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Spacefish Army is a water sports based active-wear apparel company looking for product photography to showcase their unique brand and style. Being predominantly geared to women in water-based sports, Spacefish wanted their active-wear line photographed underwater and in a bold and adventurous style. Their desire was to obtain photos to use on their website and in social media for product marketing. 

Creative Angle:

The KGM team worked with the owners of Spacefish Army to conceptualize a photoshoot that portrayed their products inline with their brand theme and spirit. KGM created an underwater set and developed the idea to use bright hair colors that would create movement and flow in the water. The concept was to keep with the outerspace theme Spacefish utilized and develop an angle of exploration. The overall idea was to compliment the space theme with the underwater setting that spoke to the brand’s purpose as well as the brand’s style.


– 15 publication ready images.

– One day of successful content media creation during the photoshoot.

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