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Bloom TV wanted to produce a series for their web based shows centered around a floral and water theme. They had been in contact with a local florist and KGM partner to develop the pilot show’s general concepts. Due to the unique nature of the water-based project, Bloom TV did not have a production team capable of filming and producing the pilot show. They needed a team who could produce, film, and deliver a completed pilot for the web series.

Creative Angle:

KGM was brought in to produce and deliver the pilot episode. While conceptualizing the project, Kimber has the idea to reach out to a local non-profit, the Florida Springs Council, and get their interest and feedback on a project that would benefit their outreach program. The FSC was emphasizing the impacts of bottled spring water production at that time so Kimber had the idea to create a show around the creation of a dress made from water bottles as well as the creation of advertising and marketing images for the FSC. The pilot episode project spanned several weeks and included in-studio, pool, and on-location shoots throughout North Florida.


– A 30-minute pilot episode for Bloom TV.

– 5 photographs for social media and print awareness campaign.

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